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Moving with children: Carton Capers

Dear Parents and Children:

Children, like parents, should benefit from a move to a new area. New friends and surroundings will broaden your experience, and new schools and teachers present fresh opportunities and challenges.

Allied Pickfords has prepared this CARTON CAPERS web page especially for children moving to a new home. CARTON CAPERS sparks the wildest imagination by telling you what can be made from empty Allied cartons. Whether it’s a seaworthy old fishing boat to ride the waves of your front yard, or an exciting clubhouse for your new home, building and enjoying CARTON CAPERS ideas is sure to be fun.

Getting to know the children in your new neighborhood is easier when you discover each other at the Western Jail or get acquainted on the Allied Express Train. These carton ideas are described and pictured for you in the pages ahead.

This section of our web site shows eight different CARTON CAPERS ideas. As you set out to build your favorite models, let your imagination work with you. I’ll bet you can invent many other fun ideas from your empty cartons.


Your Friends at Allied Pickfords

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